Supporting Positive Changes At Work And In Life











What keeps me going:

Our single, urgent goal: Cure Parkinson’s disease. We can’t do it without you.

Because it's of basic human need and should prevail

Supporting individual dreams and common needs


Connecting globally to children in need


Helping others help others AND themselves

Awarded M.A. - learned how to be a coach/adviser, and most of all, a listener

Awarded B.A. - honed my liberal arts knowledge and questioning


Focus on providing an outstanding education in Tucson, AZ for the under served


Learned how to be a full human being - and a woman

Awarded Ed.D. - a doctorate to help discover how others learn, grow and change

Awarded M.B.A. - learned what business is and how it works - focused on marketing


Current Writing

Way Of The Coach – Ideas, resources, tips, and advice on how to be successful at work and in life

Fabulous Over 60 – A fun, reflective blog for smart, sophisticated women over 60 – co-written with a close friend

QwikTips - Written by Dr. Pat Gill Webber for QwikCoach - Coaching for Perfomance Excellence