Supporting Positive Changes At Work And In Life






Life Coaching

My definition of life coaching: Generally short-term and tightly focused one on one coaching with an individual at work or in their broader life to:

  • clarify and choose new relevant goals
  • clarify and choose a plan of action - a strategy to grow and meet those goals
  • and, finally, to take personal accountability to make the changes/transformation to achieve their newly defined success

With over thirty years’ experience, and strong academic credentials, Pat understands what is needed to succeed at work and in life. Pat understands people, how they feel, what they need and how they can change and grow to meet their goals.

Pat helps people get honest, focused and on track with the most important person they need to be honest with — themselves. She helps her clients hone in on what needs to happen next — not years from now — but now.


Possible situations for life coaching:

    • Poor, under motivated work or not working to achieve work/life goals

    • Low productivity against potential - professionally or personally

    • Inability or reluctance to take needed action to create change

  • Indecision or confusion about next career moves, retirement/partial retirement, or selling/buying a business



Pat quickly helped me see my job search from a new perspective — she gave me a different framework to see the road forward and got me moving ahead and into a new arena in the toughest of times. Alex, Sales Executive
Pat knows what she is doing — she gets it — and she helped me clarify my decision to join a new entrepreneurial company that is re-motivating and exciting me. Kristen, Alternative Energy Executive
When I have a question about someone who is under-performing or challenging me, or just need a clear and direct strategy to work more effectively with a colleague, I turn to Pat. She quickly understands the issue and offers clear, appropriate and successful solutions. Pat is a great coach and there when I need her. - Coe, Financial Services Executive
I have known Pat for years — now she is helping me and my team build a bridge to the future of our organization — I couldn’t be happier for her wisdom and help. - Skip, Foundation founder/CEO

If you or someone you know are looking for a special and unique coach — someone who "gets it," is straightforward, caring, sometimes blunt, and always compassionate, you may want to consider Dr Pat.